The Japanese have used activated charcoal to purify their drinking water for thousands of years. Today, many people globally accept a charcoal water filter or charcoal sticks as one of the best methods of removing toxins and harmful metals from ordinary tap water.

Why Use Charcoal Water Filter Sticks

1. Easy to Use
Activated charcoal starts to filter the water immediately, bonding with toxins for best adsorption, but you can taste the difference after about one hour. You can leave the charcoal in your water overnight for better results.

2. Easy to Maintain
You do not incur high maintenance costs when using a charcoal filter because the filter parts are low cost. You can replace your element after about four months or more. It would help if you also boiled your charcoal stick at least once a month to help keep its pores open.

3. Provides High-Quality Water
Activated charcoal improves the quality of your drinking water because the sticks impart essential minerals such as iron, magnesium, and calcium to your water. Charcoal filters do not remove nutrients from your water.

4. Creates a Delicious Taste
The chlorine and other chemicals used to purify tap water in treatment plants can leave an odor and a metallic-like taste in the water. An activated charcoal water filter can help soften your water and absorb bad tastes and odors faster than some conventional filters.

5. Low Cost
Conventional water filtration systems cost more to buy and maintain. If you want an affordable water filter, you can consider a charcoal water filter at a low price.

6. Biodegradable
After four months, you can use your charcoal sticks as a deodorizer in your home appliances or mix them with garden soil to create biochar.

7. No External Power Source
You can spend less on utility bills if you buy a charcoal water filter model that does not need to run on an external power supply. Some filters run on water pressure and the activated charcoal itself.

Activated charcoal helps remove toxins and particles in contaminated tap water, making it safe for drinking. Charcoal water filter sticks are biodegradable and safe for the environment.