The Science Behind Kishu

Kishu is a finely crafted form of activated charcoal also called activated carbon. By heating wood to an extremely high temperature, usually in a kiln, and slowly depriving it of oxygen, the wood becomes carbonized. Kishu Charcoal is 97% pure carbon.

This pure form of carbon readily absorbs or bonds with toxins, principally metals, at the molecular level. Kishu Charcoal has been found to be effective at reducing: LEAD, MERCURY, COPPER, ALUMINUM, URANIUM, and MOLYBDENUM to name a handful of those we tested. In addition, Kishu Charcoal imparts three minerals: Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium.

For the complete testing data, please see the detailed chart and graph below.

James R. Self, Ph.D.
Colorado State University
Soil, Water, Plant Testing Lab