You’ve probably been searching for a Brita filter charcoal refill to replace an old one for your water pitcher. Your search ends with Kishu Charcoal, which offers the only plastic-free water filters for Brita and PUR dispensers. Enjoy fresh-tasting water in an eco-friendly way with Kishu Charcoal filters.

Kishu Charcoal reduces toxins such as lead, mercury, copper, and aluminum from tap water. At the same time, it infuses healthy minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. This claim is not just an assertion on our part. The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)—established to promote public health by setting standards for food safety and sanitation—has certified Kishu Charcoal products.

Earth Friendly

We are proud that our Brita-style filters are a completely green product. We’ve put a lot of thought into every step of production and packaging. Our filters are:

    • Plastic free – Made from stainless steel and food-grade silicone instead of plastic.
    • Made from fine Japanese activated charcoal– Artisans in Japan follow a centuries-old method. Charcoal used in our filters is produced from sustainably harvested oak branches that are slowly carbonized to 1,000 degrees. This pure form of carbon readily absorbs toxins.
    • 100% Green –Our process uses end-to-end green methods—from production using natural oak branches to packaging that uses recycled paper stock and compostable clear sleeves.The paper used for our labels has certifications from the Forest Stewardship Council, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and the Rainforest Alliance.

We have the best, most environmentally friendly Brita-style filters on the market. No other filter is like ours.

About Kishu Charcoal

Kishu Charcoal now offers a Brita filter charcoal refill for your dispenser, sustainably giving you delicious-tasting water. Our founder, a passionate water drinker, and environmentalist decided it was wasteful to throw away plastic water filters every few months. She resolved to find a better way to filter tap water. Her research led her to activated charcoal, a method the Japanese have long used to purify drinking water. Get your eco-friendly Brita-style filter and enjoy delicious, bright-tasting water. Drop your filter in your dispenser, drink, and enjoy fresh water!