We thought it would be helpful to provide a tutorial on how to refill a Brita pitcher. We’ve told you about our filters—Kishu Charcoal offers the only plastic-free water filter for Brita and PUR dispensers. We’ll now explain step by step how they are used. Enjoy fresh-tasting water while also being kind to the environment with Kishu Charcoal filters.

Our filters infuse healthy minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium into tap water while reducing toxins such as lead, mercury, copper, and aluminum. The National Sanitation Foundation, which promotes public health by setting food safety and sanitation standards, has certified our filters.

Rinse, Insert, Fill

Refilling your Brita pitcher with Kishu charcoal filters is an easy process. Just follow these steps:

      • Step 1 – It’s important to first wash the pitcher. Hand-wash the lid, reservoir, and inside the pitcher with mild dish soap and rinse well
      • Step 2– Rinse the filter with cold water for at least 15 seconds
      • Step 3 –Insert the filter into the reservoir by lining up the groove in the filter with the groove in the reservoir. Press firmly for a tight seal
      • Step 4 – Fill the reservoir with cold tap water. Always fill with water up to the “max fill” line, and open the reservoir lid only when filling with water. Discard your first dispenser of filtered water or use it to water plants. It’s normal for carbon dust to appear in your first few fillings

Set up a replacement reminder. If your Brita has an electronic filter indicator, press and hold the status button for two seconds to activate it. If it comes with a sticker indicator, adjust the date so you’ll know when it’s time for a new filter—about every two months.

Drop, Drink, and Enjoy

Now that you’re comfortable with how to refill a Brita pitcher, stock up on your Kishu Charcoal filters. Our filters are the secret to delicious-tasting water. Kishu Charcoal got started when our founder, an avid water drinker, and environmentalist, determined it was wasteful to throw away plastic water filters. She researched and found a better way to filter tap water—activated charcoals, a method the Japanese have long used to purify drinking water. Get your eco-friendly filter from Kishu Charcoal and enjoy clean fresh-tasting water. Drop, drink, and enjoy!