For proper body functions, you need to drink clean and healthy water. Waters play a crucial role in food digestion to waste excretion. Although water keeps the body fit, some toxins and additives can get into the waterways and make them unsafe for human use. Using charcoal for filtering water ensures that it’s safe.

Charcoal filtering is a clean and natural method with a lot of benefits. Therefore, how can you use charcoal for filtering water?

How Do Charcoal Filters work?

The Benefits of Using activated Charcoal Filter
Apart from offering mechanical filtration of large contaminants and particles, activated charcoal also works to remove the toxins without stripping the vital water minerals and salts.

It’s only the activated charcoal that gets used in filtering water. Activated charcoal gets obtained by superheating the charcoal at temperatures of more than 1000F without oxygen.

After that, the charcoal goes through chemical treatment using nitrogen and argon. Second, superheating follows, whereby oxygen gets used. The stream creates a porous structure which is vital in making charcoal effective water filters.

Generally, activated charcoal works by adsorption. It binds to impurities chemically and not physically. It’s recommendable that you replace the charcoal filter after 12 months since it continuously accumulates toxins, and you need to clear them out.

Safe drinking water contains hydrogen, oxygen, salt, and essential minerals. Most filters tend to remove impurities plus essential minerals. Activated charcoal is effective if you want to retain the minerals and ions that are of good use to the body.

Activated charcoal filters make water healthier by removing the nasty stuff. They also add minerals like magnesium, calcium, and iron that improve your bonny structure and the blood in circulation.
If you want healthier drinking water with improved flavor, opt for the water that has passed through activated charcoal filtration.

Finally, cleaning water using activated charcoal is cheaper and the best investment for your home.

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