Water filters improve the quality of the water we drink by removing sediment, bacteria, hardness, taste, and odor. There are many types of mechanical filters you can use to remove unwanted impurities from your drinking water. But many people prefer to use eco-friendly or activated carbon filters such as Kishu charcoal to improve the quality of their water.

What Does Kishu Charcoal Remove from Water?

1. Chlorine
In America and Europe, the local authorities test and certify most tap water. Some chemicals used to make the water safe for drinking, such as chlorine, can react with some plastic material in your plumbing or kitchen utensils. This reaction can give the water you drink an odor and a bitter or disinfectant-like taste. Kishu charcoal plastic-free water filter absorbs impurities from your tap water and gives it a pure, clean taste.

2. Organic Chemicals and Metals
Pesticides such as Chlordane, Lindane, and Heptachlor are used to control pests but can end up in groundwater. Poor management of some manufacturing facilities contributes to a steady release of metals like mercury, aluminum, uranium, lead, and molybdenum into water sources. Kishu charcoal bonds with these toxins (adsorption) to purify your water.

3. Chlorine byproducts
If you consume public tap, you need to know that it may contain byproducts from chlorine, which can be hazardous to your health. Some of these toxins are potentially cancerous. Activated carbon water filters such as Kishu charcoal works to reduce toxic substances such as trihalomethanes (THMs) from your drinking water.

4. Pharmaceuticals
Poorly managed pharmaceutical production facilities can discharge pharmaceuticals and their metabolites into water sources. Small amounts of pharmaceuticals in your tap water can expose you to health hazards.

In many cities, local authorities use chlorine to make public tap water safe for drinking. However, this water lacks vital minerals, and sometimes it has a metallic-like taste. You can use a Kishu charcoal water filter to improve the taste of your water. It can also impart magnesium and calcium to your drinking water.