Your local authorities treat most of the tap water you drink and allow it as safe for human consumption. However, many families find it necessary to add value to the water they drink by subjecting it to advanced filtration systems. Quality activated charcoal water filters can remove impurities such as bacteria, sediment, odor, and taste from regular tap water.

What Is Activated Charcoal Filter?
They are water filters that work to remove contaminants from ordinary tap water through adsorption. Prehistoric Egyptians discovered the detoxifying properties in active charcoal, and the Japanese have also used charcoal filters for many decades.

2 Types of Activated Charcoal Water Filters
Also known as activated carbon or active carbon, activated charcoal is a permeable substance that can bond with toxins in ordinary tap water. Some common contaminants include chlorine, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, herbicides, mercury, lead, and copper. You can use activated charcoal as sticks or granules to filter these impurities from your tap water.

1. Granular Activated Carbon Filters
Active carbon water filters for the ‘Brita’-style dispenser such as that from Kishu Charcoal are reusable and sustainable. It includes a 6-month supply of granules, and the filter consists of stainless steel and food-grade silicone. This filter contains loose granules of active charcoal that enable water to flow through it in one direction. You can use granular carbon water filters to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other metals from your tap water.

2. Charcoal Stick Filters
Quality carbon filter sticks from Kishu Charcoal go through a carbonization process, which includes extreme heat of about 1000 degrees. Carbon sticks work by adsorbing impurities and imparting useful minerals like calcium and magnesium to your drinking water. You can expect optimal adsorption of toxins to happen between 1-24 hours for smaller and larger sticks, respectively.

With Kishu charcoal to go 2-pack sticks, you can enjoy quality water at home and away. You only need to drop the carbon sticks in your water jug or bottle, then drink and enjoy. Besides adding taste to tap water, an activated charcoal water filter is also reusable and sustainable.