Brita water filter is used to remove contaminants from the tap water and make it safe for drinking. However, they will stop working as required if you don’t replace them within a given period. Mineral deposits build up over time and interfere with the filtration process. Now, how often should you do Brita Charcoal water filter replacement?

The frequency and the most appropriate time to replace the Brita water filter depends on the amount of water you pass through it, the type of the filter, and how regularly you use it. Brita pitcher has a filter change indicator that you can activate as a guide on the right time for Brita charcoal water filter replacement.

Generally, it’s recommended that the White Brita Standard Filter is changed after filtering 40 gallons of water or using it for two months. The Blue Brita Longlast Filter needs replacement after cleaning 129 gallons for six months. The Grey Brita Stream Filter, on the other hand, needs replacement after every 40 gallons or two months.
Remember that these estimates are based on water filters purifying 11 glasses of water daily. Therefore, if your household water filter is purifying more or less, you need to adjust the replacement schedule.

How to Change Brita Water Filters

Remove the already used filter from the Brita water pitcher. Flash the new water filter using cold water for around 15 seconds before inserting it into a pitcher. Ensure the filter groove is in line with the water pitcher ridge.

When everything is set, pour water into the Pitcher. According to Brita, you should discard the first three pitchers filled with water since they contain carbon dust. After the discard, the water filter is ready for use.


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