With so many options available, it might be overwhelming to figure out which water filter will work best for you. Sediment, carbon, and sub-micron filters are among the most common water purification systems. How do you determine which water filtering system is best for your needs? Find out below:

The Three Types of Water Filters
Before you decide which water filter to choose for your home, it’s best to understand the three types of water filters and their use. They include:

#1: Activated Carbon Water Filter
The carbon filter relies on the chemical absorption of contaminants and impurities by a bed of activated carbon. Carbon-activated filters are best at removing chlorine, volatile organic compounds, taste, and odor from water.

#2: Sub-Micron Filters
Sub-micron filters use membranes with exceptionally tiny pores to remove bacteria and other germs from process fluids and suspended particles. It is often used with other separation procedures like reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration to provide a contaminant-free product stream.

Companies use these water filters in beverage and pharmaceutical sterilization processes and the pre-and post-treatment phases of water purification systems.

#3: Sediment Filter
Using a sediment filter, you may clean water and other liquids of debris. A few examples are cleaning filtration systems of rust particles, filtering seawater of sand or salt, getting rid of organic matter, and cleaning clay.

Which Way to Go?
The purpose for which you will be filtering water and the water’s quality will determine the best water filter suited to your needs. However, a sediment and carbon filter could be the best option if you want to purify water for drinking at home. The carbon filter is also the most effective way to remove pollutants from water. So, activated carbon seems to be the real deal.

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