Water and the well-being industry have always been inseparable. Even pets enjoy and benefit from clean, unadulterated water. Currently, a wide range of water infusion bottles is on the market, each claiming to promote purified water. The tricky part is you do not know what is genuine. But that shouldn’t worry you. The Japanese charcoal water filter featuring activated charcoal is uniquely designed and has immense health benefits.

What Exactly Is Activated Charcoal
The first hint is for people to imagine Japanese charcoal as the typical barbecue type. But that is erroneous. Japanese charcoal is activated and packed with various substances, including wood, coconut shell, or bamboo. These materials, including some coal percentage, pass through a burning process sans oxygen and eventually turn to char. Its porosity nature is why it is referred to as activated.

Reasons It Is Called Japanese Charcoal
The Japanese charcoal water filter and other products using Japanese charcoal sticks are of Japanese origin. They take after a tradition of thousands of years in which the Japanese purify their water using the charcoal stick. Besides the numerous minerals, the stick can soften water and absorb undesirable substances, tastes, and smells.

Benefits of Japanese Charcoal Water Filter
The Japanese charcoal water purifier comprises several pros. For example:
It is perhaps the best eco-friendly and affordable alternative to make your water clean and healthy. The stick also eliminates all foul odors from tap water, such as chlorine.

  • Since the stick fits in any bottle or jar, you can filter your water while on the go, helping eliminate bottled water.
  • The charcoal also works immediately, so you can fill your tap water into the bottle and enjoy the benefits immediately.
  • Opting for a Japanese charcoal water filter implies that you keep reusing the jar for years, unlike discarding water bottles. Such is good for the environment.

If you want a healthier and more affordable way to enjoy your water, then a Japanese water filter might be just what you need. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about this and more products featuring Japanese charcoal.