Clean, fresh air and water are some of the components that contribute to excellent health and well-being. But they are also good for environmental sustainability. Kishu charcoal filters contain activated carbon, a highly porous substance that captures air solvent fumes and organic compounds.

Carbon-rich charcoal comes from the best organic materials, such as wood, coconut shells, and coal, which offer the most absorbent performance. Here are other ways Kishu charcoal helps the environment.

1. Kishu Charcoal Filters Are the Perfect Air Purification Agent
The activated carbon in Kishu charcoal filters helps to quickly absorb impurities and pollutants from gasses to improve air quality in your immediate environment. Besides capturing tiny airborne particles, charcoal filters also remove the bad odor that could permeate your home or office.

2. Unique Charcoal Filters Capture Common Organic Fumes
While most people wish to live in a comfortable and safe environment, proximity to some non-hazardous chemicals can cause irritation and allergies. Our activated charcoal filters are 100% efficient in eliminating fumes such as hydrocarbons, mineral acids, and sulfur compounds that might irritate.

3. Kishu Charcoal Filters Eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds from Groundwater
Using groundwater makes you prone to contaminated water, causing your family and pets health issues. The activated carbon in Kishu charcoal gets rid of all the volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making your water safe. Common tap water that comes full of chlorine can also benefit from a charcoal filter, removing the chemicals and leaving you with pure drinking water.

For environmental efficiency and sustainability, activated carbon goes under a recycling and regeneration process, especially if its surface begins to saturate. It ensures its potency and that nothing goes to waste. You can also enrich your backyard garden with remnants of the charcoal stick if you feel the need to purchase a brand-new charcoal filter.

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