If there is a sustainable and healthy way to consume your tap or even spring/well water, it is via the Kishu filter. The environmentally friendly and cost-effective water filter comprises extremely porous activated charcoal sticks that capture any undesirable elements in your regular tap water. Here’s why it’s worth every cent.

1. Kishu Filter Sticks Are 100% Pure Carbon
What does this mean for you? Once you place the charcoal in your reusable water bottle, the carbon works immediately by absorbing or bonding with any pollutants and impurities in your tap water. The magical Kishu filter absorbs all the lead, mercury, aluminum, uranium, and copper elements commonly found in taps, fountains, and other water sources.

2. The Filter Is Not Just for Humans
Even your pet can benefit from clean, healthy water using the pet-sized Kishu filter. The charcoal-based filter purifies your pet’s water and simultaneously absorbs bacteria harboring in your canine gums and cavities. You can also minimize vet visits if you change the bowl of water daily.

3. Kishu Filter Sticks Are Cost-Effective
While the initial cost may put you off, think of situations where you urgently need pure water but at a price. It could be in that bustling city or deep in the country. The filter is a convenient gadget to clean water from any source, ensuring every ingestion is pure and healthy.

4. Filters are Highly Durable
A typical Kishu filter is reusable, with its stick lasting four months of continuous usage. Suppose you were to buy plastic bottled water daily. Well, plastic bottles are non-reusable, do not compose, and the cost and water impurities within are unimaginable.

It’s a win-win situation with a Kishu filter. Besides being a green way to enjoy your water, you also want enormous health with toxin-free water. The non-plastic alternative also infuses your water with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium.