The Brita water filter cartridge is one of the easiest filtration methods you can use almost anywhere. Whether at home or on a journey, you can enjoy safe and tasty water by placing a Kishu regular or Kishu-To- Go water filter in your Brita carafe or bottle.

How Soon Can I Drink from My Bottle or Carafe?
Water bottle (1/2 liter): Filtration starts as soon as you drop the charcoal filter in your water, but you will get desirable results after about an hour.

Carafe (1 liter): Optimal adsorption of impurities in a one-liter carafe can take four hours or six to remove the taste and smell of chlorine from your tap water.

Are Brita Water Filter Cartridges Worthwhile?
Yes, even though your local authorities ensure that most tap water is safe, water filters improve the quality of the water you drink. Water filter cartridges function differently depending on what toxins each is trying to reduce or remove. Many manufacturers insert a pamphlet with important information inside or printed on the packaging about what contaminants a filter will remove.

For example, the Kishu charcoal water filter absorbs toxins such as lead, copper, uranium, mercury, molybdenum, and copper. Furthermore, the filter releases magnesium, calcium, and potassium into your water through impartation.

How Long Does a Brita Water Filter Cartridge Work?
Brita water filter cartridges remain effective for about 2-6 months, depending on the type of pitcher. You can wait for at least two months before you replace it with a new filter. Kishu charcoal sticks have a lifespan of about four months, and you can reuse the filter as a deodorizer to help remove odors from your refrigerator or mix it with your garden soil for better water absorption.

A Brita water filter cartridge can help remove elements of water that may affect its safety, taste, and smell, such as lead and chlorine. For better results, immerse the filter in water and leave it overnight to effectively chloramine. Kishu Charcoal offers three sizes of water filters: X-LARGE, REGULAR, and TO GO. Kishu filters can feature in 6-gallon jugs, pitchers, and water bottles.