Reusable Brita filters can last for about six months. Sometimes you can use each filter almost forty times before replacing it with a new one. However, leading brands such as the Kishu Charcoal reusable Brita water filters show an expiration date to help you know when filter replacement is due.

4 Ways to Help Keep Your Reusable Brita Filters in Good Condition
Depending on your family’s need for filtered water, you may have to replace your Brita filter every 2-6 months. But nothing, including water filters, lasts forever. Here are four tips you can consider to help prolong the usefulness of your Brita filter:

1. Regular Cleaning
Clean your filters regularly to help remove impurities. Leading brands include a cleaning kit with your purchase and an instruction manual to guide you.

2. Pre-filter With a Clean Cloth
Filtering your water before using Brita filters helps reduce the particles or sediments trapped in the reusable filter.

3. Storage
Even though it is okay to keep your carbon water filter in the sun for a short while, your renewable Brita filter can get damaged when exposed to direct sunlight for many hours.

4. Monitor Your Water Filtration System
Get acquainted with your Brita filter’s maintenance guidelines indicated in the instruction manual. Knowledge of your reusable water filtration system, including how to clean, store, or change filters, enables you to keep your filter in tip-top form.

Bottom Line
Whether you are using powdered activated carbon filters or granular activated carbon reusable Brita filters, ensure you replace your filtration systems over time. But with regular cleaning and maintenance, you can keep your renewable Brita filter in good condition for as long as six months. Kishu Charcoal offers quality reusable Brita water filters with a 24-week supply of granules.