Most people always want to have Brita’s clean, pure water. They are all eager to know how to refill a Brita filter charcoal from the comfort of their homes. Luckily refilling is quick and easy, and you can do it yourself.

How to Refill a Brita Filter Charcoal at Home
Various steps go into a DIY Brita filter charcoal refill. Check them out:

Step 1: Purchase Fresh Activated Charcoal Stick
Brita filter charcoal refill means you already have the initial Brita water filter. You do not have to buy another. Activated charcoal is the main ingredient in absorbing all impurities from your water that you need to replace.

Step 2: Open the Brita Filter Using a Cutter
Before cutting open the filter, purchase a polyethylene plug that fits within the hole. You can find this plug in any hardware store within your locale and use it to measure the hole’s circumference and to fit tightly.
After you cut the upper lid, empty all the old contents within the Brita filter. The first thing you might notice is the resin beads. Resin residue shows you how massively the old carbon charcoal has been working, absorbing all the impurities within your water. Throw out all the resins.

Step 3: Trim and Smoothen a Hole Around the Brita Filter
Once you cut the hole, check for any excess plastic that might drop into the filter and get rid of it. Also, test the plug to see if it tightly fits the reusable filter.

Step 4: Thoroughly Rinse the New Housing and Install the Funnel
A complete rinse ensures no particles or dust stick to the filter. Next, place the funnel, fill it with fresh Brita-activated charcoal, and tighten the hole with the polyethylene plug. At this point, your refill is ready to use.

While some people can have their Brita filter shipped to the original store for refilling, DIY refilling helps you achieve similar Brita water filtering results and excellent water quality.
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