The adoption of activated charcoal in various support systems is always on the rise. It’s harnessing the modern world and becoming an essential component in different industries, including agricultural, medical, and cosmetic. Bulk activated charcoal for water filters has a crucial component and features that make it effective in water filtering systems.

What Is Activated Charcoal?
Activated charcoal is a type of carbon that has undergone incredible processing to have a large surface area. It has low-volume and tiny pores that create the surface for chemical reaction or adsorption.

In most cases, 1g of activated charcoal has a surface area of more than 3,000 square meters, and one tablespoon has an area almost the same as a football field. The enormous surface area alone makes the activated charcoal quite effective in many applications. It can still induce chemical treatment to increase the adsorption properties.

The activated carbon is mainly derived from carbonaceous materials, for example, sawdust, wood, bamboo, coconut shell, coir, peach pits, and petroleum pitch, among other types of coal. Regular carbon is not like activated charcoal. Therefore, the regular charcoal should undergo activation for it to get millions of tiny pores distributed on its surface. Activation can either be chemical or thermal.

How Bulk Activated Charcoal for Water Filters Work
The effectiveness of activated carbon is primarily due to its exceptional surface area. It mainly makes water safe for drinking through physical adsorption. As water comes in contact with the activated charcoal, its molecules are pulled by intermolecular forces into millions of pockets and tiny pores. As a result of that, the contaminants are filtered out.

The degree of decontamination of the bulk activated charcoal depends on the water temperature, acidity, amount of pollution, and how long water remains in contact with the activated surface.

Bulk activated charcoal for water filters is trusted because of its quality, reliability, and performance in making water safe for drinking. We’re committed to improving people’s quality of life and health worldwide. Check our collection of activated charcoal to find the perfect fit for your home.