After we have purchased Kishu Charcoal from our Japanese artisans, we immediately begin preparing it for our clients. First, we soak it in a lot of water to get rid of the protective ash it has on it. After we’ve dried the pieces, we cut them by hand into one of three different sizes:

  • REGULAR for pitchers
  • TO GO for water bottles
  • X-LARGE for 3–5-gallon jugs

The Kishu sticks undergo a lengthy boiling process, after which they are dried for 24 hours and heat-sealed in their biodegradable packaging.

After opening the package, the Kishu Charcoal is immediately ready for usage. Transfer to any pitcher or water bottle, then fill the rest with tap water. The antioxidant properties of Kishu kick in right away, and it also boosts beneficial minerals like magnesium and calcium. These impart a savory and fresh flavor to the water that you drink.

How Long Does It Take for Charcoal to Purify Water?
The time required for filtering is around three to four hours. The Kishu water filter has amazing nutritional qualities that assist in removing undesirable tastes, odors, and hardness from the water while also filtering out impurities to produce drinking water with an improved flavor.

Does Putting Charcoal in Water Do Anything?
Kishu water filter has the following benefits:

  • It removes impurities from water by absorbing chlorine, other chemicals, and heavy metals found in municipal water supplies, enhancing the water’s health advantages and its odor and flavor.
  • Mineralizes the water in your home’s plumbing system by adding healthy minerals in the ground to the water you use for drinking.
  • It maintains the pH of the water at a healthy level. Charcoal has an alkaline impact, making the water softer and better tasting.
  • Tests show that charcoal is effective at removing E. coli from water that has already been contaminated.
  • Completely organic and biodegradable. You may drink clean water without worrying about harmful chemicals or pollutants seeping into your supply from plastic containers.
  • Activated charcoal is widely used in Europe, the United States, and Asia. It is 100% organic, and it is inexpensive compared to other filtering systems on the market.
  • When taken as a tablet or powder with water, activated charcoal acts as an antidote and can treat drug overdose, poisoning, and nausea. It binds to the harmful substances in the body and prevents them from doing further harm.

Kishu Water Filter: Enjoy Clean and Healthy Water Today
If you would like to enjoy the benefits you’ve missed out on until now, reach out to us to order your Kishu Water Filter stick today.