Many municipal water supplies use chloramines, chlorine dioxide, or chlorine to help kill bacteria, parasites, and viruses in public water systems. These disinfectants give your tap water an odor and an acidic taste. But you can improve the quality of the water your drink by using water filters to help remove contaminants and bitterness. The absence of chlorine and artificial pollutants makes charcoal-filtered water tastes better.

Why Charcoal Filtered Water Tastes Better than Unfiltered Tap Water

Here are four scientific reasons why using carbon filters gives the water you drink a better taste than that of unfiltered tap water:
Removes Chlorine
Chlorinated tap water can taste bitter and unpleasant but activated charcoal works to bond with sodium hypochlorite (a chlorine compound) within its structure.
Removes Toxins
Tap water can contain artificial, organic pollutants such as pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides, lead, uranium, or mercury that can affect your health even in low amounts. Placing a charcoal stick in your water removes these toxins because charcoal filters have large porous surfaces that attract, and hold contaminates to the inside.
Adds Minerals
Top brands, such as Kishu Charcoal filters, impart minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium to your drinking water. These minerals can help boost your health by easing digestion, supporting muscle and nerve function, energy production, and removing impurities from your blood and skin.
Balances pH
Acidity and alkalinity in water determine its correct pH balance. Synthetic pollutants can cause water in reservoirs to be acidic, which may compromise the safety of use and drinking. Carbon filters contain an alkaline effect that helps soften and give your water a pleasant taste.
Activated charcoal is an eco-friendly and cheaper solution you can use to improve the quality of your tap water. How long your water filter lasts depends on usage and brand. A quality Kishu XL charcoal filter can last four months. Besides removing toxins, 100% of charcoal filtered water tastes better and helps improve your digestive and skin health.